Using in Windows

Step 1:

Go to your dashboard and find the section "Create worker", Type in a username and password and click create.

Download and install GUIMiner from or start_miner from BitmonMe

Once installed, configure it as shown below with the worker credentials you created in your dashboard.


Step 2:

Click Start mining! You are now solving blocks on, and can check your statistics here. Or in your dashboard.

Depending on our hash rate, it could be a matter of hours or days before gets a block. But if you provided hashing power for solving the block, you will receive your part of the solved block.

Step 3:

To receive earnings from install the Bitcoin application from


Copy your Bitcoin address to clipboard, add it in your dashboard and click Save. When you have a balance of minimum 0.01 BTC you can click Instant payout and the amount will show up in your Bitcoin application.


  • All the features you'll expect a bitcoin pool to have. Works in proportional: You get a part of every solved block proportional to your part in pool hashing rate.
  • User interface
    • Statistics page for viewing average Shares, Estimated earnings per block, Mhash/s and more.
    • Forgot password feature.
    • Change password feature.
    • Dashboard with Balance, Average speed, Shares and stale viewing, Instant payout to bitcoin address, Worker creation and statistics of each worker.
    • Prefixing of workers.
    • Userbar with current Mhash/s, see example
    • Email Notification
      • If a worker drops to zero hash/s and you enabled Email Notification on that worker. An email will be send to your signup email address with the name of the worker that failed. This gives you the opportunity to get an heads up for restarting your miner.
    • Recent Transactions and transactions overview.
    • Remember sign in credential
    • Delete and recreate workers.
  • Admin interface
    • See total earnings, payout, and fees.
    • Pay to bitcoin addresses.
    • User management.
  • API for both user and total pool, see example
  • Statistics with daily graphs of hash rate and workers.
  • Fully customizable
  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Full support for SSL
  • Localization support.


  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQLi
  • pushpool
  • bitcoind

How to get started

  1. Download and install the bitcoin application
    • Once downloaded, launch the bitcoin application and wait for the block count to stop increasing in order for your client to be in sync with the network.
    • This might take a few hours, you can open up port 8333 and forward this to the computer running bitcoin to increase the speed.
  2. Create an account on pool by visiting signup
    • Once signed up, at your dashboard type in your bitcoin address from the bitcoin application and click save.
    • Create a worker, by typing in username and password and clicking create.
  3. Install bitcoin miner on your computer, and use the worker credentials you gave earlier, to connect it to

So how does it work?

The server gives members blocks to solve. Each solution found is registered as one share. We pay you for every solved block proportional to your part in the pool hashing rate.

The server notifies your bitcoin miner about new blocks with the help of long polling. This allows to minimize the number of stale shares.

There is a 2% fee used to keep this service alive. And we provide instant payout with up to two payments per day.

What is bitcoin mining?

Mining is a process where you use your computer power to hash transactions occurring in the bitcoin network. Successful hash of a block of transactions results in a reward of 50 BTC.

Pool mining is a way for many to work together in the process of hashing transactions, and then share the reward to members based on their contributions. This gives the user a stable payout.

Kris Henriksen