Using in Windows

Step 1:

Go to your dashboard and find the section "Create worker", Type in a username and password and click create.

Download and install GUIMiner from or start_miner from BitmonMe

Once installed, configure it as shown below with the worker credentials you created in your dashboard.


Step 2:

Click Start mining! You are now solving blocks on, and can check your statistics here. Or in your dashboard.

Depending on our hash rate, it could be a matter of hours or days before gets a block. But if you provided hashing power for solving the block, you will receive your part of the solved block.

Step 3:

To receive earnings from install the Bitcoin application from


Copy your Bitcoin address to clipboard, add it in your dashboard and click Save. When you have a balance of minimum 0.01 BTC you can click Instant payout and the amount will show up in your Bitcoin application.

Enter your email to generate a new password